In order to access your data on the CUBIC server you will need an active UCT staff/student number.

Temporary UCT credentials

If you are currently not employed by or studying at UCT, you can obtain 3rd party access by completing the BAS03a form and returning it to 

Within a day or so you will be supplied with a temporary UCT credentials.

Request access to server

Once you have received your UCT credentials, or if you already have, you will need to contact our Administrative Assistant using Please provide your UCT username as well as the specific folders you will need access to. These will often be the surname of the PI of the project or the project's name.

Accessing the server

Your study's data is located on //<foldername>.
<foldername> generally being the name of the project or surname of the project PI.

Follow the links for specific instructions on how to access data:

Accessing the server off-campus

If you are trying to access the drive outside of campus you will first need to login to the UCT network via VPN. Log in to the UCT VPN and follow the instructions using your UCT credentials.

However, note that 3rd party users, UCT undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral research fellows have a time-limit of 8 hours of uninterrupted VPN sessions. After 8 hours you will be need to log in to the VPN again.

Other services

You can use UCT's Nextcloud or Globus services (if you have access to UCT services) to transfer your data from //

  1. Login to with your UCT credentials.
  2. Go to your profile (upper right corner)
  3. In drop-down menu choose: Settings
  4. On the right side panel choose: External storages
  5. You will need to set up Samba drive as one of the External storages and another drive (it can be SMB or a remote machine) where you copy the data to.

See below for example of this setup

  1. Click on the Nextcloud logo (upper left) and choose External storage and select folders to copy and click on Actions.
  2.  You will have two options:

            a. Download - Download onto a local machine

            b. Move or Copy - (select Copy because you don't have Write permissions to Move) and select your Target that you set up in step 5.


Comprehensive instructions for accessing Globus are provided here.