Congratulations to the CUBIC Radiographers to present their research abstracts at the ISMRM Annual Meeting

22 Feb 2022
22 Feb 2022

Petronella Samuels

Title: Role of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in differentiating peripartum cardiomyopathy from pregnancy unmasking of underlying cardiomyopathy
Presentation type: Oral/Digital poster

Mazwi Maishi

Title: Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (CMR) in the diagnosis of Sarcoidosis: A Case report
Presentation type: Oral/Digital poster

Jia Fan

Title: Resting-state functional connectivity reductions in the cingulate gyrus in HIV exposed uninfected neonates
Presentation type: Oral
Session: Antenatal, Neonatal & Pediatric MRI: Congenital & Acquired Insults in the Developing Brain

Stephen Jermy

Title: Investigating the clinical viability of a control system-based slice-following sequence for free-breathing cardiovascular DTI
Presentation type: Digital poster
Session: New CMR Methods for Anatomy & Function (Micro- to Macro-) I

Graeme Harris

Title: Development of a Prospectively Motion Corrected Free-breathing FLASH Sequence
Presentation type: Online oral Power Pitch
Session: Heart I